About MD

Magna Domos is Hybrid fitness facility located in Hampstead, MD. Our programs include interval and aerobic training, weightlifting, plyometrics, bodyweight exercises and more.  Magna Domos training focuses on form and functional movements performed at high intensity over a period of time. Magna Domos offers multiple programs including Functional training, Athletic training, Cardio Burn and Magna Domos KidsFit. We aim to give you a wonderful hard workout while having a great time doing so.

Our Team

Todd Pobletts is a Level 1 CrossFit trainer and Head Coach of the Magna Domos. Todd has been in the fitness industry for 8 years and has been involved with MD for 6 of those years. Todd believes that the functional movements involved in MD Strength and Conditioing are very beneficial in everyday life. His goals as a coach are to get the best out of his athletes and for them to change their overall lifestyle choices to be healthy. He equally enjoys training everyone from athlete’s looking to compete in competition along with athlete’s just looking to be fit for everyday life. Todd’s outlook on fitness is to be well rounded in all the various strength movement and accessory movements along with a healthy nutrition plan.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, Twist Level 1 Sports and Conditioning Coach | First Aid, CPR, AED certified

Sherry graduated from Western Maryland College (now McDaniel College) with a BA in physical education and an MS in exercise science. She served 4 ½ years in the Army as a medical service corps officer. Her Army training included the Air Assault Course and the Master Fitness Trainer Course. Now employed by Carroll County Public Schools, Sherry is an elementary physical education teacher. She was introduced to Functional Fitness in 2012 through a school-wide fitness project. A colleague invited her to attend a Magna Domos class that included rope climbs, tuck jumps, and wall ball shots. Upon completion of that first class she knew Functional fitness was what she needed to compliment her exercise routine of running, cycling, and canoeing. She has always been competitive and active in sports, earning hall of fame honors in high school and college. She takes pride in having completed numerous races including 5Ks, half marathons, marathons, ultramarathons, and triathlons. In 2015 Sherry became a Level 1 CrossFit trainer so that she could share her joy of  fitness with others. The challenge and variety of the workouts and the comradery of working out with others are Sherry’s favorite aspects of Magna Domos.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | Teaching Certificate, K-12 Physical Education | First Aid, CPR, AED certified

Andy Cunningham is a CrossFit -L1 trainer and has been following the Magna Domos methodology since 2012. He has a B.S. in elementary education from Stevenson University and a M.S. in Exercise Science and P.E. from McDaniel College. Andy played lacrosse in college and coached lacrosse at local high schools for 10 years. He believes strongly that functional movements performed at high intensity can fundamentally change a person’s health for the better as well as help athletes maximize their potential.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer |



Stacey Gruber is a Personal trainer and Fitness Coach. She has a passion for running races of all distances from 5k’s to marathons as well as competing in triathlons, obstacle races and fitness competitions. Stacey specializes in strength and conditioning training and functional fitness. She really enjoys working with individuals of all ages and abilities who want to start or continue on their journey to happier and healthier lifestyle. Stacey will help you to change your weaknesses into strengths and push beyond what you thought you were capable of while having fun.


Certifications: Personal trainer( American Council on Exercise/ ACE), Cycling instructor, Aquatic Fitness| First Aid, CPR, AED Certified